High Sucess Rate

Certified IMFGA Guides

  • All of our guides have many years of experience in the Himalayas and nothing replaces this experience of high altitude treks or summits.
  • Some years ago, it was clear that western guides had more technical expertise. However, since then, we learned to their contact and for several years now, the training of sherpas is made in Nepal by the Nepal National Mountain Guides Association (NNMGA). We can say that today, the climbing expertise of our guides is equal to the international standards with on top, the knowledge of the special conditions of climbing at the highest altitudes in the Himalayas like fixed lines, use of oxygen, rescue techniques, etc…
  • Many sherpas have international qualifications like IFMGA.
  • Most rescues in Himalayas are organized by sherpas
  • Our sherpas are equipped with top quality radios and the team has also a satellite phone.

Luxury Logistic Service

20 Years of Excellence